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Virus and Spyware Removal

We install the best managed virus and spyware service out there. The offering gives us the ability to remotely connect into your computer after it is back in working condition. The service has many products built into it.

On the protection side there are seven features.

  • SCANS this will scan for all malware, Wi-Fi threats, PC issues, and more that can compromise your computer.
  • CORE SHIELDS Stay protected against all major threats.
  • SANDBOX Virtually test files
  • WI-FI INSPECTOR Find network issues
  • REAL SITE Avoid fake websites
  • FIREWALL Keep hackers out
  • VIRUS CHEST View locked up threads

On the privacy side there are two features:

  • PASSWORDS Safety manage passwords
  • DATA SHREDDER Destroy files securely
  • VPN virtual private network